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Leadership Counselor, Strategist, Spark.
Since 2005.
Ich bin erst zufrieden, wenn ich begeistert bin.
ralf schwartz

Innovation & Value Creation
leadmarke co/creates Business Innovation, Brand Engagements, and Communication Agility - via the Informal Markets innovation canvas and forezeit - Corporate Foresight & Human Solutions.


Digitalization, the web, and mobility maximize human's individuality, independence & impatience with unprecedented power and pace.

Those new consumers call for innovative playing fields (markets), new rules (business models), and new players adding innovative thinking (leadership).

What happens when the game changes? When
ideas and knowledge,
innovation and creativity,
variety and flexibility
become the new qualities you need to compete?
Alan M. Webber, Co-Founder Fast Company Magazine, in 'Rules of Thumb'

New entrepreneurs create revolutionary, skyrocketing business models and markets, products and services
- unmatched by traditional managers, brands, and businesses.


We cannot solve our problems with the same
thinking we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein

The corporate minds finally must outgrow themselves!
To add value to the corporation they will have to create true solutions, virtues, and values for the individual again:

> What Difference Do You Make?
> What Value Do You Create?
> Why would anybody Miss You?

leadmarke - Innovation & Value Creation
Creating Value for the Individual, Adding Value to the Corporation.

The individual must become
the entrepreneurial nucleus again:

Business must become solution,
Marketing must become service,
Communication must become engagement.
The brand must become a medium.
The company must become a media company.
ralf schwartz

I. Business Innovation

80% of CEOs believe their brand provides
a superior customer experience.
8% of their customers agree.
Bain & Company

Business Innovation (co)creates (with your marketing, innovation, product development people) distinctive human solutions by
- Transcending traditional business models and markets,
- Co/creating physical and digital products/services,
- Evolving the physical product into the digital domain.

Business Innovation is based upon the Informal Markets Matrix - a reciprocal 3-dimensional innovation & human solutions canvas:
1. Grounded in our evolutionary curiosity, courage, creativity,
2. re/framed by my forezeit's corporate foresight trajectories,
3. de/constructed by human's new Individuality, Independence, and Impatience - today's key innovation drivers.

(Recommendation: after having created - in its deepest sense - the distinctive business solution via my Informal Markets Matrix, you should use the new Product Field as "tested toolbox for product thinking" and to "stay honest, escape delusions and avoid blind spots".)

II. Brand Engagement

Brand Engagement (co)creates (with your marketing and agency) distinctive brand experiences - inspiring the individual to engage passionately with the brand and 'spread the message' themselves.

If it doesn't spread, it's dead!
Henry Jenkins, Director of the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program

Brand Engagement is a blend of Change-the-Game, Gamification (done right), and Game Theory. Based upon the Informal Markets Matrix. Perfected via the intuitive, but quite demanding formula: PLUG x PLAY x WIN-WIN (or in today's buzzwords: User Stories, Design Thinking, MVP/MLP).

III. Communication Agility

The brand must become content provider, curator, community.

It takes a Community not a Campaign to build a Brand.
Sean Moffitt

But first and foremost the brand must inspire the company itself.

A successful brand shapes customer experiences
by embedding the fundamental value proposition
in its offering’s every feature.
Harvard Business Review

Communication Agility strives to
- liaise all your relevant engagements, agencies, competencies,
- balance make-or-buy (-or-consult) decisions,
- optimize speed to market,
- build the respective department/function/competency
to perfect your 24/7 360º customer experience.

Sometimes Innovation just means
doing stuff right for the 1st time.
ralf schwartz

leadmarke creates human solutions letting the individual become the entrepreneurial nucleus again
- to co/create a sustainably distinctive and successful future.

Your Investment?

Just give me a call! Let us talk about your needs:

Individually tailored Innovation & Value Creation projects

Best Practice 'Awake! Grow! Inspire!' Process (15 days)

longterm projects or full-time permanence

All investments plus expenses and VAT. Thank you.

email : ralf.schwartz at rsc.cc
phone : +49 (0)170 / 20 20 701

Distinctive Leadership Manifesto - 2005

I would like us to stop making sense.
I would like us to make a difference finally
- as an Individual, a Brand, or a Business.
I would like us to intuitively live Distinctive Leadership:

I would like us to grow courageously independent and
perfect our individual talents and vision. I would like us to
take ourselves seriously - but not all-too important.

I would like us to become a spark - and leave a mark.

I would like us to value brilliance over instant gratification.
I would like us to curiously question everything
- instead of knowing all the answers.
I would like us to long for knowledge in abundance.

I would like us to make ourselves truly redundant.

I would like us to grow relevant. I would like us to
stop surfing every fad we stumble upon. I would like us to
stop looking for distractions, but to wisely create solutions.

I would like us to outgrow ourselves and inspire the
world - for the good, benefit, and wealth of
our surroundings and ourselves.

Outgrow Yourself, Inspire the World!

> What Difference Do You Make?
> What Value Do You Create?
> Why would anybody Miss You?

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